Energy Savers sells both Zero Clearance and Decorative wood burning fireplaces. Our EPA approved fireplaces maintain clean air and provide high efficiency to get the most out of your firewood.

Energy Savers carries an extensive line of wood burning fireplaces including Fireplace Xtrordinair (FPX), BIS (Astoria), Valcourt (Enerzone), Hearthstone, Majestic, and Vermont Castings to name a few. With our lines, we guarantee we can heat the area of space you need. Several finishes and designs are available to suit your style.

Maybe you’re more aquainted with yesterday’s fireplaces, many of which were mostly for show and which proficed little to no whole home warmth. Even if the power goes out, your fireplace will keep your family cozy and warm, and at all times you will bask in the warmth knowing you are not at the mercy of a utility supplier or unpredictable weather.

These wood burning fireplaces offer you two great advantages. One, you get to enjoy the beauty of a wood fire that adds so much cheer to your home’s atmosphoere. Two, you get every last bit of energy from burning wood with these fireplaces, so you know that waste is kept to a minimum, and thats a booost to your pocketbook!

Please feel free to explore the brands and units we offer as listed to the left. Stop into our Showroom to view the units in person and speak to our experienced sales staff about your project and we will guide you into a fireplace that will be perfect for your needs and wants. Once you choose your fireplace, we have an outstanding installation team that can do as much or as little as you would need.

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