Wood fireplace inserts provide an attractive way to upgrade an existing masonry or steel wood-burning fireplace into an efficient heat source. All inserts require an approved flue liner running the length of the existing chimney.

Instead of sending all your heat up your chimney, you only heat the firebox. The firebox includes a real masonry lining, a convection chamber, and an efficient variable speed fan; all which force the heat into your home. Because your only heating the firebox and reburning emmissions, you get more use of the wood you burn. Another great advantage to an insert is when you are not burning, the insert acts as a barrier preventing cold drafts from coming into your home or leaking air conditioned air up your chimney in the summer. All around, it’s a win win situation!

Energy Savers carries an extensive line of wood burning fireplace inserts. Brands include Avalon, Enerzone, Fireplace Xtrordinair, Lopi and Hearthstone; all of which are shown in our showroom. Our experienced sales staff will review which inserts will work best for you and can help design your way to a warmer more efficient home! Once your unit is chosen, our outstanding installation team can install your unit in your home with ease.

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