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Lopi Pellet StoveImagine...
a heat source that delivers a steady stream of evenly heated air to your home as needed at the touch of a button or automatically with a thermostatic control. Imagine that this stove burns waste wood that might otherwise be dumped in a landfill, yet the fuel is clean, conveniently packaged and widely available. Imagine that this technological marvel is also beautifully styled, displays a view of the bright flame and is engineered with quality throughout for excellent daily performance and long-life reliability. You are imagining the Avalon and Lopi line of pellet stoves.

The Avalon AGP (All Grades Pellet) Pellet burning stove is designed to efficiently burn ALL GRADES of wood pellets to produce a quick, convenient heat. The EPA has certified the AGP as extremely clean burning- producing less than one gram of emissions per hour making this appliance exempt from state mandated burn bans.
The Lopi Pioneer pellet stove features a compact size and elegant form with a full bay view window of the blazing fire. It also boasts a state-of-the-art ignition system, generous pellet storage hopper and convenient ash removal pan. To enjoy a beautiful cast iron pellet stove the Lopi Leyden features elegant design. 

For the homeowner who wants the incomparable warmth of wood heat without storing and handling cordwood, without even lighting a match, we invite you to consider the Avalon or Lopi pellet stoves.