Montpelier Wood Insert

Turn Your Fireplace Into A High Efficiency Appliance

Imagine an economical, high efficiency, environmentally friendly way to bring heat and comfort to your home.  That’s the Montpelier Wood Insert from Vermont Castings.  It’s EPA certified to be among the cleanest burning wood inserts available, and includes an amazing array of features and benefits.  Included is a quiet, high volume, variable speed fan that circulates significantly more heat back to your home than traditional wood inserts.  A removable baffle enables easy cleaning.  Rear wheels make the Montpelier easier to install.

The Montpelier insert turns your wood fireplace into a high efficiency centerpiece – adding beauty and style to your home.

The Montpelier is a wood stove that fits into your fireplace!  The firebox, front, and door are constructed of the finest cast iron materials from our Vermont foundry and can provide even heat for up to ten hours.

Product Features

  • 280 sq. in. viewing area - 60% larger than our competition in the s­ame class
  • CNH+ (Carbon Neutral Heating) clean burning non-catalytic combustion system
  • Firebox (gasketed construction), front, and door constructed of the best material for wood-heating; quality cast iron from our Vermont foundry
  • 6" Flue Collar is detachable, secured from outside or inside the firebox
  • Quiet, high-volume heat-activated variable speed circulation fan is included. The power cord can be directed to either side. The fan can be easily cleaned and serviced from the front of the insert. The fan improves circulation of the room air, but is not required to provide heat
  • Burn time up to 10 hours
  • Log length: 18" to 22"
  • No power no problem - stay warm during power outages
  • Rear wheels ease installation
  • Easily removable Internal Baffle for chimney cleaning
  • Full refractory lining
  • Optional Trim Kits:
  • You can accessorize the Montpelier insert from an array of outer trim kits that enable you to match décor ranging from contemporary to more traditional styles. The Montpelier has been designed to fit all of our existing LHE30 Gas Insert surrounds. These surrounds incude:
  • Georgian Cast Surround
  • Mead Cast Surround
  • Caprice Cast Adjustable Profile Surround
  • Bevel Cast Trim Surround
  • Steel Surrounds
  • Extended Trim Plate
  • DIY Inside Fit Surround Kit
  • This unique wood insert allows you to match your décor with three color options including:
  • Classic Black (CB)
  • Biscuit (BS)
  • Ebony Black (EB)
Product Specifications
Minimum Fireplace Depth 17.5 in.
Minimum Fireplace Width 27 in.
Minumum Fireplace Height 21.5 in.
Width Rear (at insert depth) 22.5 Inches
Minimum Fireplace Dimensions Depth 14 1/2 with 3 inch projection kit
EPA Emissions Rating 3.0 (grams/hr)
EPA Rated Heat Output 10,100 - 27,550 BTU/hr
Maximum Heat Output 50,000 BTU/hr.
Heating Area (Max) 1,500 sq. ft.
Length of Wood Splits 18" (460mm) upto 22" (560mm)
Fuel Capacity 30lbs (13.5 kg) lbs.
Loading Front
Flue Collar Size Round 6" (150mm) in.
Fireplace Insert Weight 335lbs (152 kg)
Flue Exit Position Top (verticle or 30º offset)
Blower Rating 150 cfm (115V, 60Hz)