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Zero Clearence & Decorative Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood, a renewable resource, is the traditional fuel for a fireplace. Wood is actually energy from the sun, converted by photosynthesis and stored in a convenient form in trees! Burning the wood releases that energy for you to enjoy in your home when you need it! Wood creates a hot, cheerful fire with an ever-changing display of dancing flames. Our fireplaces are EPA approved to maintain clean air and are highly efficient to get the most from your firewood. We have many sizes of wood burning fireplaces available to match the area you wish to heat. Several face finishes are available to add the finishing touch to your space.

Maybe you're more aquainted with yesterday's fireplaces, many of which were mostly for show and which proficed little to no whole home warmth. Even if the power goes out, your fireplace will keep your family cozy and warm, and at all times you will bask in the warmth knowing you are not at the mercy of a utility supplier or unpredictable weather. These wood burning fireplaces offer you two great advantages. One, you get to enjoy the beauty of a wood fire that adds so much cheer to your home's atmosphoere. Two, you get every last bit of energy from burning wood with these fireplaces, so you know that waste is kept to a minimum, and thats a booost to your pocketbook!

Please feel free to explore the brands and units we offer as listed. Give us a call at 651-770-0650 and we'll tell you more about our efficient and beautiful wood burning fireplaces and help you determine which unit will be your best fit.